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Greek doctors gain international recognition nowadays, through their scientific successes, and they belong amongst the world’s top doctors, despite the financial crisis that torments our country over the last few years!

Greek doctors’ successes on an European but also universal level, are the ones that lead them step by step to the pedestal of universal distinction.

In the list of these doctors that make our country proud, the eminent Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Stavros Alevrogiannis has been recently added, whose CV has European and Greek successes.

Dr. Stavros Alevrogiannis is now an active member of the closed scientific group of European Knee Associates that is a section of the E.S.S.K.A– European Society of Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery & Arthroscopy.

Following the completion of his master in Sports Medicine, through the program of the I.O.C-International Olympic Committee and his inclusion in it’s formal medical team, his selection as a member of the European Knee Associates followed, which is considered highly strict in the assessment and selection of it’s members. Few doctors from everywhere in Europe have been accepted in this specific team, where it’s committee decides with the criteria of their scientific learning but mostly of their surgical experience in the knee arthritis.

The doctors of Ε.Κ.Α met in Geneva on 18-20 of June of 2015, where they decided and announced the scientific group’s activities for the time period of 2015-2016. The goals of the new Section are:

  • The promotion of the knowledge of degenerative knee pathology and the new advancements on knee arthroplasty
  • The provision of the proper educational environment for knowledge improvement and the treatment of the knee that suffers from arthritis
  • The improvement of education, research and the definition of therapeutic treatment algorithms as well as
  • The promotion of professional standards for the better care of patients with knee arthritis.

Future activities of the European Knee Section are

  • The certification of educational knee arthroplasty centers in European countries
  • the definition of postgraduate programs in knee arthroplasty for new Orthopedics doctors in certified European centers
  • the planning of symposium and conferences on knee pathology
  • the definition of educational seminars on the basic principles of the Regenerative Orthopedics and knee arthroplasty
  • the search for grants for the postgraduate educational programs and
  • the definition of protocols of research and data and statistics documentation in a European level

It is very honorary for Greece, that amongst the most well-known international names of knee surgeons in Europe, a Greek doctor participates, Dr. Stavros Alevrogiannis.

His clinic is about to be certified in 2016 as an Educational Center of new surgical knee techniques and will be a Reference Center for new Orthopedics doctors from the whole Europe in the field of the personalized knee replacement techniques and Regenerative Orthopedics with the usage of autologous adult stem cells.

The doctor’s long experience in the usage of a “custom-made” knee with minimal invasive techniques, as well as the usage of autologous adult stem cells, based on internationally applied protocols, bring him on the first line of doctors on a European level in these fields and guarantee to his patients exceptional results.  210 778 6868