BIOKINE : The new autologous biologic orthopaedic tool for sports related injuries

By 10 December 2015July 14th, 2020NEWS


Promising immediate and safe return to action , can be  offered nowadays to most professional athletes that have had a muscle injury due to sport activity, by the new biologic therapy of Biokine (autologous enhanced serum )!  

The early clinical results f are wuite impressive and were recently presented at the 4th Congress of the European College of Sports Medicine, organized in the Camp Nou under the auspices of the Barcelona FC in Spain.  

“Until yesterday, muscle injuries- the most common sports injury- in professional athletes was treated with the use of anti-inflammatory drug and physiotherapy treatment.  Full recovery time however takes a long time  “says an eminent orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine physician Dr. Stavros Alevrogiannis, MD, MSc, PhD, and continues  

“Treatment with Biokine creates new data in Sports Medicine. This is because according to a recent comparative study, complete  restoration of second degree of muscle contusion in professional athletes,  seems to have a statistically significant difference in return to play time  when the athletes are treated by using autologous enhanced serum (Biokine) simultaneously with muscle program empowerment, in comparison to those treated only with anti-inflammatory drugs and physiotherapy treatment. ”  

BIOKINE (autologous enhanced serum )

BIOKINE  is an autologous biologic product which is produced by the patient’s own blood, well-known to health professionals dealing with biological treatments in sports injuries. The composition material is rich in anti-inflammatory cytokines, such as IL-1Ra (Interleukin-1 Receptor antagonist), which blocks the action of interleukin. Moreover, the formulation contains other cytokines and growth factors that activate tissue regeneration mechanisms, communicate and mobilize “satellite cells” and are essential to the faster recovery of muscle injury. The treatment can also be used  successfully  in the treatment of osteoarthritis and back pain caused by various causes.


Treatment with biokine, besides being a safe treatment modality, as it is a completely autologous product ,offers a number of advantages such as:

    • Immediate relief from pain
    • Direct effect in controlling inflammation
    • Promotes the differentiation of satellite cells in muscle cells without the need of ex-vivo cutivation
    • Can be repeated
    • It has a high resistance profile
    • The application is simple and painless
    • There is full  mudcle repair as the rehabilitation leaves no muscle scar tissue
    • No complications as the whole treatment is acellular.


Biokine is produced by the athlete’s own blood.  50ml of peripheral vein blood  sample is taken , which is under a stricktly specific protocol is centrifuged for 24 hours. The product can be used immediately and/or  be frozen at -200 C, after initial use.  

In aseptic conditions, The biologic product can be applicated directly to the portion of muscle that is suffering by a contusion , while the specific protocol is completed with repeatedly local applications (6 total-one daily) and combined with muscle strengthening training program.  

Biokine should not be confused with autologous growth factors (PRP), although it contains several of them.


Muscle injuries (contusions) represent approximately 30% of all sports related injuries. More than 90% of them are caused by direct boredom, or chronic stress of a certain muscular group. In professional athletes such injuries result in severe pain and great abcidence from full sports activity. It is especially common in contact sports that require extended rehabilitation protocol. Especially in football, muscle sprains are the most common sports injuries and represent 20-37% of the causes of adcence from sports in professionals and 18-23% in the amateur athlete.  

The likelihood of such injury is 6 times more in real playing , in relation to training.  

  • 92% are muscle contusions  in the lower extremities (37% hamstrings, adductors 23%, 19% quadriceps, gastrocnemius 13%)
  • 2/3 of muscle contusions is a result of direct boredom. Muscle contusion due to an overuse syndrome is most often seen in the region of the hip and groin.