Ligamys System Acl Stabilisation & Regeneration (Anterior Cruciate Ligament)

Ligamys is a treatment method in which the ruptured anterior cruciate ligament is preserved. It offers the possibility of regeneration of the ruptured ligament, and joint stability can be preserved.

The rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament can be treated conservatively or surgically .

Conservative treatment may be indicated in case of:

  • isolated injury to the anterior cruciate ligament without involvement of the collateral ligaments
  • low level of athletic activity, or willingness to reduce athletic activities
  • advanced age of the patient
  • history of joint problems (for example, existing osteoarthritis)
  • low degree of knee instability

Surgery may be indicated in case of:

  • complex injury with significant instability
  • younger patient
  • significant athletic activity
  • objective or subjective instability of the knee
  • concomitant injuries necessitating surgery

Dynamic intraligamentary stabilisation (DIS) represents an alternative treatment method for ruptures of the anterior cruciate ligament. The affected knee joint is dynamically stabilised by the Ligamys implant: A polyethylene thread that is anchored in the femur and tibia follows the natural course of the anterior cruciate ligament and temporarily takes over its function. In doing so, the spring system in the monobloc enables the dynamics needed for movements. The stumps of the anterior cruciate ligament are approximated and can heal, protected by the Ligamys implant.

Τhe Ligamys implant offers the patient the possibility of preserving the natural cruciate ligament.

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