About Doctor – Dr. Stavros Alevrogiannis


► Director of the Clinical Robotic Orthopedic Surgery Knee & Hip METROPOLITAN GENERAL

► Former Director of Clinical Regenerative & Reconstructive Orthopedic Surgery, METROPOLITAN GENERAL

► Former Director of the 7th METROPOLITAN GENERAL Orthopedic Clinic

► Former Director of the Orthopedic Clinic of Psychikou (Athens Medical Center Group)

► Former Military Physician – Deputy Director of the 2nd Orthopedic Clinic 251 General Hospital of Aviation.

► Doctor of the Medical School of the University of Thessaly

► Postgraduate Doctor in Sports Medicine from the International Olympic Committee

► Unpaid Scientific Associate, University of Athens.

► Founder & Scientific Officer of the Orthodontic Center of Hondros and Biological Applications, where they are applied, among other innovative methods and:

  • Cartilage and meniscus transplants
  • Organic link fixation
  • Autologous adult stem cells
  • Activated platelets
  • Growth factors
  • Gene therapy
  • Robotic knee & hip surgery

► Awarded for providing innovative, high-quality medical services in robotic orthopedic surgery for the year 2019 (Salus Index Awards 2019)

► Doctor of Greek National Teams

► Head of the medical team of Veteran Greek Basketball Players

► Head of the Medical Team Federation of Greek Basketball Players’ Associations

► Head of Medical Teams A1 Basketball Association

► Postgraduate training in Hospitals of Great Britain, specialized in the field of Sports Injuries & Rehabilitation Surgery of the Lower Extremes.

► Participation in the most modern postgraduate programs (Great Britain, USA, Germany, Italy) exclusively for the treatment of Sports Injuries & biological rehabilitation.

► Participation in numerous orthopedic conferences and roundtables of international prestige, as president, speaker.

► Trainer in new technology systems (Navigation, Robotic Assisted Surgery) to new colleagues

► Numerous publications in reputable scientific journals

► Member of scientific societies in the domestic, international & global orthopedic field

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